Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Wine Tasting: How does it work? How much does it cost? Do I have to make a reservation?

A: Our wine tastings include your choice of any four wines (or ciders) on our current tasting list, and are absolutely free! Reservations are not required nor accepted; wine tastings are first-come first-serve and conducted at the bar in our tasting room. A valid, non-expired, Indiana or Federal Government-issued ID is required for tasting; please make sure your ID is current (especially when celebrating special birthdays since expiration dates often fall on birthdays!).

Q: Can I bring my dog?

A: We love dogs! In general, friendly, leashed pups are permitted on the outdoor areas of the winery (deck, patio, and lawn). Pets are NOT permitted during ticketed concerts or Wine at the Line. Please clean up after your pet. You can find more information about our pet policy here.

Q: Do you have anything else to drink besides wine?

A: We make a selection of Hard Ciders, and serve sodas and bottled water. We operate under an “Indiana Farm Winery Permit” and legally CANNOT sell alcohol that doesn’t have our label on it (like beer). That same law prohibits us from having other vendors on the property selling non-Mallow Run alcohol (like beer). And, that same law prohibits our customers from bringing alcohol onto the property that isn’t Mallow Run made (like beer). If it isn’t Mallow Run alcohol, legally we can’t sell it, and you can’t bring it.

But…you really should take us up on a free wine tasting and find something you LOVE! We’d love to help you find it.

Q: Do you offer tours? What does a tour include? How long does it last? How can I arrange a tour?

A: We do! Our tours are very informal, and include a little history behind the tasting room barn, an overview of our vineyards, and a peek into our production building. Tours last around 20 minutes. We do not run a regular schedule of tours. If you are interested in scheduling a tour, please email Please note that depending on staff availability and our private/public events schedule, we may not be able to accommodate your desired date and time frame, but we will certainly try! There is no cost for a tour.

Q: It's looking rainy/hot. Can I bring my pop-up tent/canopy/beach umbrella with me to your Saturday evening summer concert?

A: While tents are a great way to keep a small group shaded or define a meeting point, it often comes at the cost of blocking the view of dozens behind you. ALL of our guests deserve to enjoy their time at our concerts, and that certainly includes being able to see the band and performers! We strongly discourage tents. If you want to bring a tent, canopy or large umbrella, they can only be set up in our designated tent area (the back perimeter of the lawn, east of the stage). Please observe yard signs that define those area boundaries. We reserve the right to ask that tents to be taken down and/or moved if necessary.

Q: Is Mallow Run Winery open to 21+ only?

A: No, we are a family-friendly winery. We ask that special supervision is considered in our tasting room, which is full of glass bottles and breakable glassware/merchandise. Children and guests under 18 should always be accompanied by a parent or guardian, and must be supervised at all times. For safety reasons and out of respect to other customers, we ask that children are not permitted to wander away from their guardian(s). Please be aware of other guests that are enjoying their time at the winery.

Q: Can I reserve tables in the tasting room or a space / picnic table(s) outside for my group outing/party?

A: We do not reserve tables (inside or outside) or space during our regular operating hours. All tables and space are on a first come, first serve basis. We also reserve the right to ask that tables are released and not “held” by one or two people for a large group if that group does not show within 30 minutes. If you are planning a special birthday party, bachelorette party, etc. we’d love for you to consider renting the tasting room after-hours for a special private event! You can find more information on our Private Events page.

Q: Do you have a restaurant? Is there food available to purchase? Can I bring my own?

A: We do not have a restaurant. We do have a deli fridge in our tasting room that sells assorted cheeses, cheese plates and charcuterie boxes, among other snacks. For our weekend events during the summer, we have several food trucks on site and our outdoor bar, The Shack, sells light summer snacks on Sundays! During our Winter Warm-Up weekends January-March, you can find us serving up delicious soup every Saturday and Sunday. Customers are welcome to bring in their own snacks, food and non-alcoholic beverages as well.

Q: Can you donate to my fundraiser/silent auction?

A: We love supporting great causes! Please visit our Donations Page for more information.

Q: How does parking work?

A: Monday-Friday, and Sundays, please park in the “upper gravel lot” and the “lower gravel lot.” (Handicap parking is available on the paved section near the deck.) For our bigger Saturday events, the upper gravel lot is completely reserved for handicap parking after 3pm. General parking is in the lower lot, and the alfalfa field south of the winery. If parking attendants are present, please follow their direction. If you need to drop off somebody who has difficulty walking, but you do not have a handicap plate or tag for your vehicle, please let the attendant know and they will direct you to drop that guest off near the winery, then return to the next available spot in the lower lot or field.

Please always enter the gravel drive with the Mallow Run sign at the end. The other gravel drive is private property and not open to customer use. When exiting the winery, please use the same drive with the Mallow Run sign. Please respect the private drive and property near the winery; it is residential and not part of the business.