Our #1 seller, Rhubarb is a sweeter wine with unique tart zing. Surprisingly food friendly, try pairing with cheese or salads.


Great blackberry flavor with the perfect balance of sweet & tart. Pair with anything chocolate!


Strawberry Wine – it’s a Mallow Run summer tradition! Don’t miss your chance to try this small-batch release of deliciously sweet wine made from 100% strawberry juice. It’s like jam in a wine glass!

Pie in the Sky

Pie in the Sky – two Mallow Run favorites, combined!

With the perfect springtime combination of sweet strawberries and tart rhubarb, we’ve produced a light, sweet, and refreshing wine that’s perfect on your spring or summer picnic.

Blueberry – NEW RELEASE!

Sweet, ripe blueberries are pressed into juice and transformed into this mouth-watering dessert wine. Packed with sweet flavors of just picked berries, it’s wonderful with chocolate, or try pairing with soft cheeses.

Apple – SOLD OUT!

Delicious, sweet, Hoosier apples were used to create this fresh and flavorful wine. Enjoy chilled, or warm with mulling spices!